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How To Wait On God So You Can Avoid Being In The Wrong Relationship

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Meet Lailah, she's been through a major breakup, rejection, insecurities, and now she's desperate to find her husband all by herself. She's tired of waiting on God and will do what she has to do to find the one for her. Her family pesters her about why she's not married yet and her best friend is engaged, about to be married. All of this, causes Lailah to make rash decisions that could alter her marital destiny and even her life.


This Book Will Help You To Understand Why It's So Important:

To Wait On God

To Never Settle With An Unbeliever

To Believe God Knows What Is Best For You

To Understand The Reason For The Wait

Be careful what you ask for. If you want something make sure you pray about it and never let desperation guide you to stray off God's path for you. Anything worth truly having is worth waiting for. Never allow anyone or anything to compromise your relationship with God. Wait on the Lord, He knows what and whom is best for you.
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God, Send Me My Husband
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I feel like this book was written just for me. I am at a place in my life like the main character seeking answers from God as to why He has allowed me to remain a single mother. I feel God speaking to me through your words. In particular at the women's retreat, I was moved to tears by the words used to explain the reason for our singleness. I am trusting God and standing on my faith as I wait for my Boaz.
- Reader of
God, Send Me My Husband
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